Publisher Mail Merge problem



Hello. The company I work for has a form that I am trying to create a mail
merge for. The form is a single Letter-sized sheet of paper. It is

The goal is to print two different addresses on the same sheet of paper. I
have an Excel database and created two sets of merge fields accordingly in
Publisher. The sheet of paper is perforated so it will be ripped in half and
the top portion will be mailed to one person and the bottom portion will be
mailed to another. I need to have one person's info (from my database) merge
to the top merge fields, and then the next address to merge to the bottom
merge fields (...then the 3rd address to the top of the next page, the fourth
to the bottom of the next page, and so on...).

The problem is that no matter what I do, the same address merges to both
sets of merge fields. I have tried a regular blank document format, a 'tent
card' format, a postcard format (the latter two formats have my document
split into two separate pages to print to one Letter-sized sheet)...but
everytime I merge, the same address merges to both sets of fields.

What can I do to have two different addresses each merge to a merge field on
the same document?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Mary Sauer

Setup your page for one form. Setup your page, portrait, 8.5" wide and 5.5"
height. Publisher will say it will print two pages per sheet (this will be
different for 2007). When you merge you can only have one form (label) on your

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