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Discussion in 'Word VBA Beginners' started by RuGio, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. RuGio

    RuGio Guest

    im writing a macro by Microsoft Visual Basic.I wanna declare a
    variable (classrng) as a range, but when i write
    "Dim classrng As Range" the software corrects me with
    "Dim classrng As range" with range without capital letter.
    How can I avoid this?
    RuGio, Jul 30, 2010
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  2. I cannot replicate that issue in the Word Visual Basic Editor.

    In what application are you doing it?
    Doug Robbins - Word MVP, Jul 31, 2010
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  3. RuGio

    RuGio Guest

    Microsoft Word 2003

    RuGio, Jul 31, 2010
  4. Cannot replicate the issue in that version of Word either.

    Hope this helps,

    Doug Robbins - Word MVP

    Doug Robbins - Word MVP, Aug 3, 2010
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