Resource graph/total for a filtered set of tasks


George Codsi

This topic was addressed way back in 2010 but the proposed solution does not work.

I'm using Project 2010/2013

I want to be able to determine ideally the % allocation (or if not at leastthe total effort) for each resource/resource group for a subset of tasks. Would be nice to simply select a summary task but if not them to highlight or filter which tasks I want. I understand that with task filtering it creates the filtering list "oddly" in that while it maintains the project hierarchy in the filter drop-down if seems to nevertheless regard two identical task names in different hierarchy locations as the same so one may need to make them unique.

The 2010 solution of using a filter of (say) a Gantt view and then selecting a task, clicking Assign Resource, selecting one or more resources and clicking graph, still shows the project wide resource allocation for those resources, NOT just for the filters and/or selected tasks.


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