Sent Messages disappeared - Outlook 2003?



My Sent message folder is now blank when I open Outlook 2003. I had about 500
sent messages in this folder that have now disappeared. All other features
of Outlook are O.K. Does anyone know what may have happened and how I can
retrieve my missing Sent messages? I did not delete anything other than a few
in- box messages. When I send a test message it appears alone in the Sent
Items folder but nothing else is there.
I am using Office Professional 2003 which includes Outlook 2003. I use Word
as my e-mail editor. My operating system is Windows Vista Ultimate. Although
probably not pertinent I am using McAfee Security Suite on my computer and it
is activated.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks





Kathleen Orland

Open your Sent Items folder. Click on View > Current View. If it doesn't say
Messages, then your view is filtered and you're not seeing everything you
actually have.

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