"Shrinkage" Problem when saving as PDF


Sheri Crandall

I have a newsletter created in Publisher, which I send to the printer
as a PDF. When I create the PDF, everything on the pages gets
slightly scaled down, creating a larger margin and my nice crisp text
becomes a tad fuzzy.

I'm using Publisher 2007 and have tried
1) Publish as PDF or XPS,
2) Print, and select the printer as Adobe PDF, and
3) Save As *.pdf,
all with the same results.

I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, if it matters.

Can you advise me on settings that I need to adjust when I create the
PDF? Or something else?



Don Schmidt

When you go to print, select Preferences and set the margins to 0 (zero).

I use PDF-XChange and this works for me.

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