Specify Start and End "Times" for tasks in Project 2010

Apr 2, 2013
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I am creating a project plan and need to specify the time of day each task will be scheduled and will need to show this on the plan. For instance:

Task A will start on 5/10 at 9pm and end at 1am
Task B will start on 5/11 at 1am and end at 3am
Task C will start on 5/11 at 2am and end at 3am
and so on

Is there a way I can specify what time the tasks will start and end (like start and finish dates) and display this information in columns? Since this project will run 24 hours over several months, I have already changed the Working Time.

If someone can please help ASAP, that would be so awesome! I have a dead line to get this done. :(

Thanks so much in advance!


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