Start Date Not Calculating Correctly?

Oct 7, 2013
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I am seeing strange results when trying to schedule some simple tasks in Project 2010.
I am trying to "back" schedule a task, by assigning lag time with a predecessor task. When I put in 0 duration, it schedules the start date correctly. However, when I put in a duration of more than one day, it seems to multiply the duration by 3 to calculate the start date. I do have some tasks at the end of my schedule with a 24 hour calendar, but the tasks I am having the problems with have no calendar associated with the task and the Std calendar associated with the resources.

If I put in a duration of 8 hrs instead of one day, it does calculate correctly. Where is the length of a day stored? I would have thought it went by the current calendar for that task. As noted, the resources for the task have the std 8 hour day (8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm). The task does not have a calendar, but even it I specifically assign the task the Std calendar, 1 day's duration still seems to equal 24 hours.

I have attached a .png doc with screenshots.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


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    MS Project Scheduling Problem.png
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