Strange Behavior When Saving a .doc file as .docx???



When I edit a Word document that was originally created in Word 2003 or
earlier and then attempt to Save As a Word 2007 document, strange things
happen. After (supposedly) saving the document in .docx format (Word 2007), I
am also prompted to save the file in its original .doc format. (I don't want
or need to save the edited document in its original .doc format.) However, if
I do save the edited document in .doc format, I am left with a zero-length
..docx file. If I ignore the second prompt (mistakenly thinking that I have
already saved the document once in .docx format) I am left with a zero-length
..docx file and the original unedited .doc file. On more than one occasion, I
have closed the document without saving it a second time in .docx format.
This causes the entire editing session to be lost! Why is it necessary to
save the file twice in .docx format in order to keep from losing the edited
content. Am I the only person who has been "vicitimized" by this confusing


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