Student & Home?

Oct 23, 2021
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I had to install windows anew on my PC and decided to take the opportunity to move to the new Office 2021. I therefore purchased fom Eptimum Office 2021 Home & Student expecting it to be as it was in the past, possible to install it on all my PCs at home. To my surprise it turned out that the new version can only be installed on a single PC. This is a blatent misinformation as the description clearly stated 1 user ( and not one PC). So I see Microsoft has decided to go all out and drastically increase the price we pay for their software. They also will force us to throw our current PC to the bin and purchase a new one as eventually we will be forced to do when they stop supporting Windows 10. Excellent for their bank acounts but very bad news for the planet and our own finances.
Of course I will uninstall Office 2021, ask for a refund and go back to good old 2019


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