Styles and Formatting - Word 2003



I am pasting content from an old document into a new one. I always clear the
formatting on the selected text in the old document before I copy it to the
clipboard so I don't carry any evils into the new document.

This morning, I discovered that two styles had corrupted one another. I have
one numbering style that uses brackets around the number. I have a table text
centered style. As I deleted an unused and unwanted style from the formatting
list, all my table borders disappeared, all the left aligned text in tables
went into italics, the table text centered style started coming up with
bracketed numbers, and the bracketed number lists went plain. All in one big

Using the Templates Organizer, I kept trying to re-import the two proper
styles from the template but they would always get corrupted in the document.
They were fine in the template.

Back in the document, I opened the corrupted bracketed number list style for
modification (right-click for the popup menu then Modify, then Format then
Numbering). The highlighted set showed a mixture of brackets and the table
text centered style (a style which should not have been applied).

After I repaired that, I was able to re-import the two styles and they
finally stuck. Next, I had to select all the tables and apply the table grid
style to them to get the table borders back and remove the italics that had
been applied to all the left-aligned styles.

What happened and how do I prevent it from happening again?


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