Sub projects added as read only in Master file which are saved on sharepoint

Mar 16, 2022
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I am using MS Project2016 along with Sharepoint from Microsoft 365 subscription.

1. I have a master program file which have sub projects inserted as read only to avoid any accidental changes to sub projects when working with master.
2. Sub projects are managed by other users and they update them on daily basis. All these files are stored at sharepoint sites.
3. Problem: When I have master file opened in MS Project, other users cannot open the sub project files as read/write. It asks them to save their changes as a different file name which defeats the purpose of creating master at first place.
4. Is there a way to open the sub project files as read/write from sharepoint? I know about the open menu( three dot points) from share point but it doesn't give me option to edit it?

Any suggestions please?


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