Trendline Not Appearing In Chart Problem ?




Using Excel 2007.

This is really confusing, and I can't imagine what is wrong.

I have a simple chart plotted up from some data.
Just some numbers vs. dates; guess it plotted as a Scatter Chart.

Lines between all the points are there, and it looks exactly the way one
would imagine.

X axis has dates, y axis has the values.

I want to add a linear Trendline to it.
So, I select the graph; and it certainly looks like it is selected.

But, I then select Linear from the Trendline pull-down, or via a mouse
click, and no Trendline ever appears.

I do have it selected to print it in black, so this isn't the reason.

Any ideas what might be the reason, or what I am neglecting to do, or...?

As always, thanks,


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