Uninstall 2007


Al Almoian

Our new netbook has Trial version of Word 2007. I don't want it. Can I
uninstall it and install my 2003 Word? The netbook does not have a CD
drive so I would copy the CD on to a Flash drive and install it from there.
Is this feasable? The netbook is Windows XP.

Jay Freedman

The answer to both questions is yes.

First completely uninstall Office 2007. Also visit the Templates folder
(usually %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates) and remove any templates with
four-letter extensions ending in 'x' or 'm', because the Office 2003
programs can't use them.

There are several ways to install Office 2003 without an attached CD drive.
Using a flash drive is one; mapping a network drive to a shared CD drive on
a desktop computer is another.

Once you've installed Office 2003, you might want to download and install
the Compatibility Pack from
to let you open 2007-format documents you could receive from other users.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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all may benefit.

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