Upgraded Outlook 2007 to 2010 - now ALL office documents are corrupted!

Mar 12, 2014
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The title may suggest this is Outlook related, but im not so sure, and the fault is effecting all word and excel files so I thought I'd post it here. Please allow me to explain...

We recently upgraded our email system to hosted, cloud-based Exchange and were running 3 machines on Windows XP and 3 machines on Windows 7, all with office 2007 installed. We couldnt get the exchange to work on the XP systems, and in once case upgraded it's version of Outlook to 2010 (as provided by our exchange provider). This worked and Exchange was temperamental and slow, but okay.

However, that particular system could no longer open Word or Excel files, they would open as corrupted (gobbledy-gook of random characters).

We upgraded the XP systems to windows 7 operating systems this weekend, but as of this morning (Wednesday), now all of our documents on the network are showing corrupted and unable to open - across all machines. Files stored locally on a desktop for instance are okay, but all network documents and spreadsheets are corrupted, with Word/Excel giving the 'file conversion prompt' (windows default, ms-dos, other encoding).

Surely upgrading Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010, on an XP machine, would not cause other office applications to break? What also concerns me is how this has spread thoughout our network files, stored on a central server.

I have tried sending a sample file to a friend who gets the same conversion prompt (but none of the previews are legible), and have also tried renaming the file extension .doc to .docx, etc, opening in WordPad, Notepad, in Word Safe-mode, linking to a file and then updating the link source and Word's 'open to recover text' option but all to no avail.
The system that was upgraded can however open Word files received via email (.docx) without problem

Does anyone have any info (on the Outlook upgrade which seems a prominent event but also doesn't hold any valid reason to have impact on this word/excel document related issues) that may help, or things to try to recover our files and make them readable again?

Hoping for your help


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