*Urgent Help Needed* Publisher to PDF Print




I created a newsletter for my client that she's going to have printed at a
printer. She's printing on an 8.5 x 11 page and is paying for full bleed.
So, b/c she is getting full bleed, I set my paper size to 8.63" x 11.1"
(hopefully this is right.) When I go to File / Print to PDF and choose
Press Quality or High Quality, the first error I get is:

The sheet size you're printing is too small for some or your printer's marks
to print. If you're printing to film or creating a PostScript file, choose
a larger sheet size.

I had created a new (custom) page size that was equal to my page size (8.63
x 11.1) - is that what's causing the problem? If I need to increase it, by
how much do I need to increase it?



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