Using themes in word 2007



I'm getting confused with themes. I have put a style on a paragraph of text
(list paragrph) and added a hyperlink within it. The hyperlink is blue. I
have applied a customised theme that has the hyperlink red and a followed
hyperlink green. But the link still stays blue! (And blue whatever theme I
choose. However when I follow it and return to my word doc, it will change to
the colour I specifed in my theme.
What am I missing??!
Also, how do I change the background text colours and using themes? Don't
understand meaning of "test/background- dark1" in customising theme colours.




Pamelia Caswell via

If the original color is not theme ready (not chosen from the theme palette),
it will not change when the theme changes. To fix this: when creating the
theme, modify the styles to your color settings and add them to the quick
styles, and then make style set for the theme. You may have to apply the
style set in a separate step. Another option is to change the color settings
to those from the theme palette before you apply your theme. But you may
have less control over the colors used with this method.


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