Why does my unhighlighted text appear as though it is shaded?



This happened in Word 2007 (working in 2003 compatibility mode) when I copied
a bit of text and an extended table from one file to another (the shading
didn't show in the original file and only the text is shaded--not the entire
cell). Now I can't get rid of the shading--even when I copy it to a clean

Also, when I try to insert a comment, it insists on jumping to a point in
the document beyond the inserted (shaded) text.

Highlighting is not on and I can find no other font or paragraph properties
that would do this. The shading extended across several styles, but did not
affect the header and footer (which were also copied into the document).



Suzanne S. Barnhill

Sounds as if you may have inserted as a link. Alt+F9 to see if you've got an
IncludeText field. Ctrl+Shift+F9 would unlink the field.

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