Word 2003: Copied/Inserted table text turning to bullets



Here's another something strange...

I have a shell document saved as a .dot that contains the disclaimer,
copyright statement, revision table, and other doo-dads required by ISO:9000
and IEEE. It also has the placeholders for the TOC, list of figures, and
list of tables. I suck it into new documents to get them started with all
the styles, upfront content, and macros I need.

I open a blank document, insert the .dot file, and ensure that the .dot is
attached as a template using the Tools -> Templates and Add Ins feature.
Works fine except for some styles not being brought over.

Just a moment ago, I incorporated a bulleted list into the shell document.
I created a new blank document, inserted the .dot , and discovered that the
text in the revision table had all turned to bullets!

I removed the new bulleted list from the shell document, saved it, created a
new blank document, inserted the .dot, and VOILA! The text in the revision
table had NOT turned to bullets!

What is it with Word styles and copying/pastsing or inserting bulleted lists
with other text content?


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