Word 2003 Form Fill vs Read Only



I have created a document in Word 2003 which I need users to only fil
in the form which also includes drop down boxes. I have protected th
form using the Form Fill option.
How can I prevent users from being able to insert paragraphs in th
form? If they hit "Enter" rather than "Tab" after entering info, i
inserts a new paragraph right in the middle of the form field. If
select read only as the protection, the drop down boxes are no
available for use & then tab does not move the user from field to fiel



Stefan Blom

Usually, form designers put fields inside table cells whose dimensions are
fixed. Although this won't prevent users from pressing Enter excessively,
most people will stop when they notice that the text disappears into the
bottom cell margin.

If you want a macro solution, see
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/211219/en-us/ (How to code the ENTER key to
move between form fields in a protected form in Word).

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