Word 2007 custom bulleted style



In Word 2003, I used to create a custom bulleted style, with its own name
(e.g. Project3Bullets), for each project I was working on, so that I could
just select that style and it would apply it. I've just recently upgraded to
2007 and I've done this in the custom template I'm using, but it keeps
reverting back to the general Word-default spacing. (grrr)

I want to define a named style that has a specific type of bullet (e.g. a
black dot, or a circle, etc.) AND specific spacing (e.g. .1" left-padding and
..15" between the bullet and the text). But the default spacing in Word keeps
coming back when I reopen the document.

When I change the style, I'm careful to select "Add to Quick Style list" and
"Automatically update" and "New documents based on this template" and then
save the document. The document uses a custom template that stores that
project's styles (which is "attached" and set to "automatically update
document styles" when the document loads). When I save the document after
changing a style, it asks me if I want to update the template, which I do.
But then when I open the document the next day, the old Word-default bullet
spacing is back again.

I think sometimes other style changes don't seem to "take" either, but the
bullets is the most consistent. It's driving me a bit nuts. Am I doing
something wrong? Or is MS assuming we only want bullets spaced one way?

Thanks for the help.



Stefan Blom

If you open the template directly, as a document, can you then make your
changes stick?

Also, be sure to use the Adjust List Indents dialog box to change the
indentation properly for your single-level lists. (To open the dialog,
right-click your numbered list and click Adjust List Indents from the
context menu.) You can then update the style to include the changes you've
just made.


Oh Stefan, thank you SO much! I never even saw the "adjust list indents" on
the context menu! It's new in 2007. I tested it by changing it, then
reloading Word and the document from scratch, and it seems to work. A
million thank-yous! It was driving me quite nuts. %-/



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