Word Keeps Crashing



Software: Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (Academic)
Operating System: Windows Vista (32 Bit)
Hard Disk Memory: 2T
RAM: 4.00GB
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHZ 2.5 GHz

Hi All,
I have been attempting to fix a problem I have been having with
my MS Word for the last three weeks. Initially the problem presented itself
by word crashing (all other programs including office programs such as excel
continued to work fine) upon opening the software. Essentially the Word
window would opwn but after a few seconds the banner at the top of the window
would read "Document1 - Microsoft Word (Not Responding)", and require
CRTL-ALT-DELETE and close progam in "Task Manager".

I was able to start word fine utilising the loadout of "START >
RUN > winword.exe /a".

I attempted to find the normal.dot files, and as recommended on
several sites, renamed these file. This did not resolve the problem, so as
recommended on one site, I removed all the files in the template folder.

At this point MS Word was able to start, but now when I attempt to
"save" etc, the banner at the top of the MS Word Window once again reads
"Document1 - Microsoft Word (Not Responding)", requiring restarting with
"Task Manager".

I have attempted to delete Office and re-install it, but this also
never resolves the issue. Does anyone have any hints on what to do next, or
how it may be possible to delete all traces of office so if I re-install it
all should be fine.

Thanks for your help.




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