Microsoft Office Forums


Discuss Microsoft Word, the word processing application for creating documents, reports and letters.


Get help with the speadsheet software Microsoft Excel and share your tips with other members.
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Help and Support on Microsoft Outlook, the email client (also including calendar, contacts, and task manager).


Talk about and get help with Microsoft Access, the database management system, in this section.


Discuss PowerPoint, the slide-show presenation software package from Microsoft.
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Support forums for Microsoft Project, the task management application.
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Talk about the desktop publishing application from Microsoft.


Help with the popular note taking package, allowing you to quickly organize information.


Discussion and support forums for Visio, a tool for visualizing complex information.


Get help with anything related to Microsoft Teams, the collaborative work tool.
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Talk about Sharepoint, the collaboration tool from Microsoft, in this forum.


Discuss Skype chat and video calling issues in this forum section.


This section is for anything related to OneDrive queries, the cloud storage solution from Microsoft.


Support and discussion for Yammer, the social networking service.


Discuss Microsoft To-Do in here, the tool for syncing with Outlook tasks and creating "to do" lists.
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Office 365

Discuss anything related to the wider Office 365 platform in this forum. Please use the application specific forums for Word, Excel, Outlook, etc... queries.


General Discussion

Talk about day to day things in this section, the cafe of the forum!

Feedback and Announcements

Let us know what you think of this site in this category (i.e. errors or suggestions). We will also post announcements in here.
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Newsgroup Archive

  1. Word Newsgroups
    1. Word VBA
    2. Word Beginners
    3. Word Errors
    4. Word Mail Merge
    5. Word Page Layout
    6. Word Tables
    7. Word VBA Beginners
    8. Word Programming
    9. Word Graphics
    10. Word Numbering
    11. Word Formatting
    12. Word General
    13. Microsoft Word
    14. Word Documents
  2. Outlook Newsgroups
    1. Outlook Calendar
    2. Outlook Contacts
    3. Outlook VBA Programming
    4. Outlook Installation
    5. Outlook BCM
    6. Outlook Program Forms
    7. Outlook Program Addins
    8. Outlook Printing
    9. Outlook Interoperability
    10. Outlook Fax
    11. Outlook Configuration
    12. Outlook Usage
    13. Outlook Migration
    14. Microsoft Outlook
    15. Outlook General
  3. Excel Newsgroups
    1. Excel Programming
    2. Excel Misc
    3. Excel Worksheets
    4. Excel General
    5. Excel Charting
    6. Excel Beginners
    7. Excel Errors
    8. Excel Setup
    9. Excel Functions
  4. Access Newsgroups
    1. Access Forms Coding
    2. Access VBA Modules
    3. Access Beginners
    4. Access Table Design
    5. Access External Data
    6. Access Macros
    7. Access Security
    8. Access SQL Server
    9. Access Ado Modules
    10. Access Conversion
    11. Access Configuration
    12. Access Reports
    13. Access Queries
    14. Access Forms
    15. Access General
  5. PowerPoint Newsgroup
  6. Project Newsgroups
    1. Project Server
    2. Project General
    3. Project Developer
    4. Project VBA
    5. Project Pro
    6. Project Standard
  7. Frontpage Newsgroups
    1. Frontpage Programming
    2. Frontpage General
    3. Frontpage Client
  8. Frontpage
  9. Publisher Newsgroups
    1. Publisher Webdesign
    2. Publisher Pre-Press
    3. Publisher Programming
  10. Visio Newsgroups
    1. Visio General
    2. Visio Developers
    3. Visio Archive
    4. Visio Developer VBA
    5. Visio Database Modeling
    6. Visio Troubleshooting
  11. Onenote Newsgroup
  12. InfoPath
  13. Infopath Newsgroup
  14. Groove
  15. Groove Newsgroup
  16. Office For Mac
    1. Mac Office Entourage
    2. Mac Office Word
    3. Mac Office Excel
    4. Mac Office Powerpoint
    5. Mac Office General
    6. Mac Office Outlook
  17. Microsoft Office
    1. Microsoft Office Misc.
    2. Microsoft Office Setup
    3. Microsoft Office Update
    4. Microsoft Office Templates
    5. VBA Developer
    6. Developer Add-ins
    7. Developer Automation
    8. Developer Web Components
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