2007 Excel Workbook multiple worksheets I want 1 chart



I have Blood Pressure Monitoring series. where

A = Day of Week Month Year as Wednesday Apr 1-09-9:30am this is a text value
not a date as Excel always fouls up the time. Days of the month are 1 - 31 or
1 - 30 or 1-28/29

B= Diastolic Pressure as Number no decimal places

C= Systolic Pressure as Number no decimal places

D= Pulse rate as number no decimal places

I can create a chart for each month. With each month or single for each
month on separate sheet. Each month is formated and arranged the same.

How do I set the chart data range for all months or any multiple of months
14, 2, 3 or 4 or any number of work sheets on separate work sheets, as 1



Mike Middleton

Dwade -

Others may reply with help for your specific questions, but I have several
very general suggestions: Arrange your data in standard list (database) form
as you have, but place all data on a single sheet. Use Excel dates (after
solving the problem that "Excel always fouls up the time"). Use a pivot
table to summarize the data, especially the Group feature for Excel dates.
If necessary, use helper columns in your database (e.g., for the "any
multiple of months" feature you mentioned). Create automatically-generated
pivot charts.

- Mike





I have a final table with all enteries to date. I've had to cut and paste
all the data from all the sheets , into one to get a chart that shows all the
data from the beginning of treatment.

I know absolutely nothing of pivot tables... maybe it's time to learn but
they are very intimidating to me I've never found a way to understand them. I
am very much a novice with Excel.

The date time function in charts is as far as I've been able to ascertain
not cureable as Excel 2007 shows the time portion as 00:00 unless one gets
into all types of escoteric language. I spent approximately 14 hours trying
to cure that problem and every description or work around is way over my
knowledge limit.

Not displaying the time in the X axis is NOT acceptable when trying to keep
track of unstable blood pressure the time has to show up on the chart.

The chart is a cylinder bar chart. Date and time text on the X axis. 3
measurements are on the Y axis. Legend on the right. Limits are set for Y.
Minimum 60. Maximum 210. 10 Major. 5 Minor.

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