2010-03-03 QuarkXPress v8.1 Portable, 2,300 fonts Adobe Font Folio11, 3,900 fonts Linotype Gold Ed



2010-03-03 QuarkXPress v8.1 Portable, 2,300 fonts Adobe Font Folio
11, 3,900 fonts Linotype Gold Edition 1.7.1, 584 fonts Big Pack
Arabian, other, added

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QuarkXPress v8.1 Portable. 167 Mb
QuarkXPress ("Quark") is a computer application for creating and
editing complex page layouts in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You
Get) environment. It runs on Mac OS X and Windows. The most recent
version is QuarkXPress 8 and it allows publishing in English
("International and U.S.") and 36 other languages, including Arabic,
Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. QuarkXPress
is used by individual designers and large publishing houses, primarily
to produce any kind of layout, from flyers to complex page layouts
required by magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and similar printed
materials. Along with Adobe InDesign, it dominates that market space.

Linotype Gold Edition 1.7.1 Fonts
Over 3,900 fonts from Linotype (Adobe, AGFA Monotype, ITC and others)
unlocked for Windows. More than 1,900 fonts with an integrated Euro
symbol. Worth USD $7,199.00.

Adobe Font Folio 11 | 443 MB
Adobe® Font Folio® 11 is a multi-platform type collection that
contains more than 2,300 fonts from the Adobe type Library in
OpenType® format, which provides enhanced linguistic support, advanced
typographic features, and true cross-platform compatibility Use Font
Folio 11 to expand your design options in virtually any medium —
including print, web, , and electronic documents.

Big Pack Arabian fonts
88 otf, 584 ttf | 55.85 Mb

Designbank Font Set #2
222 fonts | ttf & otf | RAR 7 Mb

Template Monster 15.02.2010
FLA | XML | SWF | Fonts | 4.06 GB

Hallmark Scrapbook Studio 3.0 Delux | RAR 1.2 Gb
Want to decorate photos, which depicted the best moments of your life?
This will help you make a package Hallmark Scrapbook Studio 3.0
Deluxe. The program provides ready-made templates, cliparts,
backgrounds, exclusive fonts from the company Hallmark.

250 Selected Fonts | 250 Fonts | TTF Format | 9.4 MB

FontMan 2010 | 1.43 GB
attention is invited to a huge collection of unique fonts for Windows
and MAC, as well as all new collateral subject soft (management,
editing, selective removal of the fonts and the like), extensive
library, and all this before you in a convenient installer

Digital Juice Fonts FULL Box Pack - collections (1,2,3,4,5,6)
For MacOSX
Digital Juice Fonts FULL Box Pack - collections (1,2,3,4,5,6) | TOTAL
Windows All, MacOS / 6 VOLUMES / HF & ULD LINKS / JD containers
Most people are familiar with the basic fonts, since they usually
preinstalled on the computer and are available in programs such as
Word or plain text editor. DJ Fonts is a little different. Although
they include standard OpenType fonts for each group of DJ Font Family,
themselves DJ Fonts are not fonts in the traditional sense. Until they
can not get the font selection tools provided in the software, such as
in Word.


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