3D graph (yield curve)


Arne Hegefors

Hi! I want to make a 3D graph showing the developement of the US treasury
curve over time. My data looks like this: In column A i have a list of dates.
In column B I have the yield for the 1 year tenor corresponding to the date
in A, in column C I have the yield for the 2 year tenor corresponding the
date in A etc.Thus for each date I have many observations (one for each
tenor). Now I want to make this into a 3d graph so you can see the yield
curve for every date. Can someone please help me? I have tried but it seems
that you can only use 3d graphs if you have a function..



Jon Peltier

Why clutter things up with a 3D chart? It will be impossible to interpret.
I've seen yield curves plotted with data on X and yield on Y, with different
lines for each term (i.e., one-year, two-year, etc.).

- Jon



Todd Eve

Excel doesn't have 3D charting capabilities. The only 3D chart they do have is their surface chart which is really only 2.5D. This wouldn't really work for you unless one of your axes were the same variables. To plot in 3D, you need an add-in. Try this one. I've been using it for about a year now, and it works really well. Also, its not very expensive. Its called grapher. http://www.threedify.com/fr/lightweight-3d/ms-office-add-ins/excel-xyz

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