A Great Big Thank You!



Hi Guys,

I would like to add my thanks to all of you guys as well !! You guys have
certainly helped me over the years with helping me out with my problems with
Access and certainly I have learnt a lot via your incridible source of
knowledge in this area!!

many thanks to all of you and best of luck in your future endavours!!

Many thnaks ,

Ian from Newcastle Australia!!


Albert D. Kallal

trip_to_tokyo said:
The categories on that site are not broken down as they are here.

Does anybody know if MS are going to do anything about that?

TIA for any replies.

The assumption is that more groups will be created and split out.

There is a access only developer group here:


The above is MSDN, so it is on the developer network.

However the "lights" are still on here. So, it would seem that today is not
d-day as of yet...

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