A more secure application



Hi guys,

I have been reading the board and I know that I can’t create and .exe file,
I need a developer version to do this, I created a access application I split
the data base, I am testing the system, copied the application to 2 computers
they have access 2003 installed, but What I want is to do something nicer and
secure, I don’t want then to have access to the programs or forms, queries or
reports, there is a way to allow then to click just on the main form, and not
have access to the other forms.




Jerry Whittle

You will need to set User Level Security. This is a major undertaking. Unless
you have a very valid requirement to keep users out, you don't want to go
down this path. Also Access 2007 doesn't support User-Level Security unless
you keep the old MDB format.

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