Access 2000 with Windows XP and W7 -- problems




I have a system using Office 2000which was developed on an XP machine,
and has been deployed to a Windows 7 machine as well. This is a small
operation, and the hope was that we could share files between
machines. I deployed the software (front end) and Tables (back end)
by copying them from XP to W7, and all worked fine under both
operating systems.

However, when I move an .mdb back end file from the Windows 7
environment back to the XP machine, I get errors errors such as
"Reserved Error 1517" (for which there appears to be no good
description is available). Is this "to be expected" or is there
something I can do to bring files from w7 into consistency with the
expectations of XP? It appears that there is no problem moving XP
files to the W7 machine however!

Frustrating, and I need to retain the XP environment for many reason.

Comments or suggesion?

John Baker


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