Access 2003 and size limitations



I know Access 2000 and 2002 have a 2 Gig limit. Is this
also true for Acess 2003 or does anyone know what the
limit is?



Douglas J. Steele

It's still the same. (Not surprising, since it's using the same version of
the Jet engine)

Greg Kraushaar

It is really still the same as MSA97 too. That had 1GB limit.
It was expanded to 2Gb to allow DoubleByte systems the same amount of
storage as single byte systems. Of course, if you use a single byte
system, you get a bonus!

It it is a worry to you, it is relatively easy to get around the
limit. Just use multiple backends.


2 gig. However, for a properly normalized database this is lots of storage
and should not be a limitation. Be sure that you compact the DB regularly.

Albert D. Kallal

I have never, ever seen any application that comes even close to approaching
the file size limits.

Unless, some horrible design decision was made, like storing imagines in the
database, then it is un-likely that an application will even come close to
approaching the limits. (so, don't store imainge data in ms-access).

Even a database with 1 million records is still usually 1/5th to 1/10th the
size of 2 gigs.

Unless your tables are all regularly in the 1 million record range, you are
no where near being close to limits. Besides, when the data tables get that
large, you need something better then JET anyway.




Factoid -

I had some idle time once and set up a loop to start at 1, insert that
record into a table, increment by 1, and repeated. Result was 130,000,000+
records, far short of the 2B limit per table. Loop ended when the MBD
exceeded its max limit. Test in Access 97.

BASE 36 loop hit about 85,000,000. We have set up a methodology for
assigning a unique base36 # for each record in the DB which helps with
SQL-Server replacation.


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