Access 2007 - Cannot Downloae Templates



I've spent hours now reading threads and such and haven't been able to solve
this yet . . .

I'm trying to download a template database (I've tried several actually)
from Microsoft for Access 2007. When I do, it downloads and then an error box
pops up with a message that says:

Template "template name" could not be instantiated. The Table "table name"
could not be read from the template file. The object may be in an
unrecognized format or contain invalid data.

I found an article in Microsoft's help
section( that dealt with this directly
and followed the instructions, but to no avail. I know several other people
have had this problem as I've seen threads addressing it, but I have yet to
find a solution that works. Please help!

I'm using Windows Vista (32-bit) with Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz processor, and
3gb of Ram



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