Access 2007 - Disassociate label in header with textbox in details


Dale Fye

I'm working with an mdb file in Access 2007 (relatively new to 2007). I
created a report using the report wizard to get the general layout of the
report. But now I want to do some rearranging of controls on a form,
deletion of a label where I'm going to stack controls in the details section,

However, when I select a label in the page header, it automatically draws a
box around the associated textbox. If I delete the label, it also deletes
the textbox. How do I disassociate the label and textbox, so I can work with
them individually?

Dale Fye


That did the job, although I had to select all of the columns in the report.
When I only selected one, it disassociated its label and textbox, but also
shifted all of the other columns to the left.

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