Access 2010 Runtime Installer

Discussion in 'Access Conversion' started by Bob Howard, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Bob Howard

    Bob Howard Guest

    Has anyone come up with documentation on the command line switches for the
    Access 2010 Runtime installer? And will these switches change when the
    product is no longer in beta?

    TIA ... bob
    Bob Howard, Jan 28, 2010
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  2. I suspect there won't be much difference between the A2010 runtime
    installer and the A2007 installer so I'd suggest starting there.
    Doubtful they'd change from the beta to the RTM.

    Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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    Tony Toews [MVP], Jan 28, 2010
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  3. Bob Howard

    Bob Howard Guest

    Thanks. I installed 2010 Runtime and the panel is quite a bit different.
    It also presents an option when the installation is complete to go to a web
    site. This may be due to the beta (hence the second part of my question).
    But I'll give it a try running from the command line. Thanks. Bob
    Bob Howard, Jan 28, 2010
  4. Bob Howard

    Bob Howard Guest


    I tested the install of 32-bit Access 2010 Runtime from the command line
    using the same switch as I've been using with Access 2007 Runtime ... and it
    appears the switch was ignored.

    I wanted to perform a silent install, so I used "/passive".

    I didn't get a silent install ... it responded exactly as it does when I
    execute it by just double-clicking the install package.

    This could be because the install is "wrapped" by something special for the
    beta ... or could be because the 2010 switch(es) are different.

    Do you know where I could get further information on this matter??

    Bob Howard, Feb 1, 2010
    Joseph Marshall, Feb 11, 2010
  6. Bob Howard

    Bob Howard Guest

    Just giving an update on the ability (or lack thereof) of being able to do a
    silent install of Access 2010 Runtime. Here are three responses I received
    from someone at Microsoft after I posted a question on their A2K3 blog page.
    We went back and forth several times and I only provide their three
    responses (see below). It appears they are suggesting that a file be
    modified to perform the desired result (possibly). But with Runtime, that
    file does not exist "yet" since the initial step when installing the Runtime
    is same old extraction process ... which is where the installation files are
    created into a temporary folder (i.e., the file they want me to modify is
    one of these). I replied all this ... why their solution was not posible,
    and received no response. I knocked on the door once again, but still got
    no response. I think they're hoping I went away!


    #1 ----------------------------:

    Runtime. We now use Catalyst which is the Office (2007 and 2010) installer.
    Hence it does not recognize the "/q" command-line option.
    The Access 2010 Runtime set up is already pretty light weight and consists
    of only 3 screens (one of which is EULA and hence important for the
    customers to read and agree). May I know why this does not solve your
    business need?

    In any case, here is an article on setup command-line options for Catalyst: Also, you can use
    the Office Customization Tool in the Office system for configuring the
    installation options.

    #2 -----------------------------------:

    I do see your point. But we need to show the user Access 2010 Runtime screen
    so that they can agree to the legal terms and conditions by accepting the

    #3 ----------------------------------:

    I think you can work with the setup.exe and follow the instructions here -
    Bob Howard, Feb 11, 2010
  7. Bob Howard

    Bob Howard Guest

    An additional thing I'm noting...

    In the Access 2007 Runtime install, the copyright notice appears BEFORE the
    files are extracted ... and the command line switches can be used to silence

    But in the Access 2010 Runtime install, the copyright notice appears AFTER
    the files are extracted ... and that may be an indication that running a
    silent install may not be in the cards.

    Bob Howard, Feb 12, 2010
  8. Bob Howard

    derick Guest

    derick, Feb 14, 2010
  9. Bob Howard

    poppsnchopps Guest

    poppsnchopps, Apr 9, 2010
  10. Bob Howard

    pepsi Guest

    pepsi, Apr 29, 2010
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