Access 2013: Form problem in reading data tables; relationship one-to-one

Jun 29, 2017
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Background: Collecting info regarding individual child education centres. I have broken down the data into six individual tables, with the main table having a one-to-one relationship to the other five tables and produced a continuous form that contains all the individual fields under each table name.

As a test of the databased I entered two sets of data via the form to check population of the tables - all appeared to work.

The problem I now have, and which I am stuck on, is that the collected info for the main table has been input directly into this table via Datasheet view and when I use the form to examine the data only the two test records I entred are included. If I create a new form via 'Create > Form' it can cycle through all 45 records entered including the two test sets.

I've examined the form I created but can not understand why it only sees two records.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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