Access DB sharing/permissions?


Larry Bowers

I have two different supevisors that have different PCs.
They both share, on the server, an Access DB. They are
both required to make changes to it. One supervisor is
running Access 97 on Windows NT 4 and the other Access
2002on Windows 2k. When the supervisor who is running
Access 2002 trys to open the DB from her PC she gets an
error. The error says something like: "You are attempting
to access a database, you need to copy the database to
your local PC and make the changes there." I trying to
avoid copied over files. Example: If one supervisor
spends 3 hours making changes to the db and saves it, it
might over-write the other supervisor's changes and both
changes are needed. Is this making sense? I guess I am
trying to find a way to have them share without changes
each others work but each others work is added to the DB.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!




Judy Rudek

You might be better off splitting the database into front/back end.
Each supervisor would have the forms in a local database (on their
machine). Each would link to tables in the database on the network.
I'm assuming here that your database is in Access 97. Access 2002
should be able to link to an Access 97 database transparently without
needing to convert it.

Hope that helps.

-- Judy

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