Access Limitations



Is there a limitation on how many records you can have in
1 access table?




Albert D. Kallal

There is not a real limit (I think it is in the billions of records).

However, there is a limit on the size of the database. Thus, you will reach
the database size limit before you reach the record limit.

If you records are small, then you will be able to enter more records. If
you records are large, then you will reach the size limit sooner (but this
is not a record limit!).

The max database size is 2 gigs in a2000 and later. You will find in
practice that you will reach the limits of performances and usability LONG
BEFORE you reach the specified record and database size that ms-access has.

So, you can easily have 1 million address records in a single table and not
be anywhere near the limits of ms-access.

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