Access97 Install



Windows XP - just reinstalled
Dell Dimension 251

I have followed as far as possible the advice at

So - taking out a memory module I got down to 1 gig of RAM and Access 97
finally installed without the problem "unable to access SYSTEM.MDW "

The install then began start up but gave the "Out of memory" issue".

I can't get my RAM dowm any lower - the remaining module is 1 gig.

Installed Office 2000 - which oprovides a later copy of JET hoping that this
might cure the problem.

No Go - Access 2000 runs ok BUT Access 97 > Out of Memory.

I can't get back to pre Service Pack 2 as advised on the link above (my
windows installation Disc includes Service Pack 2)

Is there anything I can do to my Access 97 install to persuade it that it
has memory enough?

[It's only about 3/4 yrs ?at a guess? since I last reinstalled to get rid of
a Virus issue - at that time Access 97 installed Ok and then I put Office
2000 over the top of it. I certainly had 2gig Ram at that time]

Jim Bunton


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