Accurate Detection of Graphic Area of Shape Object



Hi all:

I need to accurately detect only the graphic region of shape objects in Excel. There will be several overlapping shapes that I need to accurately discriminate. I am not a professional programmer.

Shapes in general in Excel have a zone around them (roughly 4 pixels wide) that form part of the object. ActiveWindow.RangeFromPoint returns the object even though not directly referencing a point over the graphic region. Freeforms apparently have longer and unpredictable projections from sharp points.

So far all I can come up with is a kludge that uses RangeFromPoint in combination with GetPixel. I conduct a pixel walk between two clicked points captured using PeekMessage. When I detect a new shape I capture its fill forecolor and change it to a reserved forecolor. I then continue the walk and record the start and end points where I detect the reserved forecolor using GetPixel. When I get past the shape I reset the forecolor. The manner in which I sort out overlapping shapes is a complex loop and recursive process. Obviously, if using GetPixel, I cannot turn off screen updating (or use LockWindowUpdate). So, you see the whole thing flash and flicker and it takes awhile if there are a lot of shapes.

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