Active Directory Sync - AD Group Has No Members


Chris Slowinski


We're trying to synchronise the ERP with Active Directory and are
encountering a problem with one of the AD groups (naturally, the group we
need to use) in which the synchronisation is reporting the group as empty:

Standard Information:pSI Entry Point:
Project User: <domain\account>
Correlation Id: ff716814-f44c-4eaf-b46b-e874bc0364ba
PWA Site URL: http://<server>/PWA
SSP Name: <server>_SSP
PSError: Success (0)
The Active Directory Group being synchronized with contains no members.
FQDN: Domain [email protected]<>.net. Active Directory Guid:

Yet, the group clearly contains members and it's used elsewhere quite
nicely. Syncing to other groups works fine. There were some accounts in
this group that began with '@' (e.g. @accountname) which were old NT4 groups
so we removed those thinking that might have been the problem. No dice. As
far we can tell, the group is similar to all of the other ones.

Could anyone offer any suggestions, please? Thanks.


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