Activity duration for FixedWork task does not affect Work columnt in Gantt Chart




*The situation:* I have a MSProject 2003 where I have three tasks one
main task and two contained tasks. The main task has NO resources and NO
predecessors. The contained tasks have resources and chained
predecessors - second contained task begins after completion of the the
first contained task, while first contained task begins on fixed
calendar date. All tasks are marked as "FixedWork" in TaskType. The
"estimate" check-box is unchecked. No milestones, no explicit WBS codes,
no deadline, no constrains, and no calendar is configured. The "effort
driven" check-box is checked.
In the Gantt Chart I have a column called "Work" exposed.

*The problem:* When I change the value in input field "Duration"
(Advanced tab) the value in column Work for this particular task does
not get updated. Even worse. If I go to
Tools-->Tracking-->UpdateProject... , I get no update on the total sum
between the two contained task and their main task above. I can change
the value in the column Work, bit I can not make it to be linked to the
value in input field Duration. Also after running
Tools-->Tracking-->UpdateProject the value in input field Duration get
modified in some mysterious way.

*Question:* what is the proper way to link values in input field
Duration with rest of the project so that value in column Work properly
updates the amount of total time particular task requires to be

Thank you in advance.




Hello BG_SAABer,

If the task is Fixed Work and you change duration, work will NOT
change. You told project to change assignment units by setting the
task as fixed work.

If you are tracking, I suggest modifying Actual Work and if more
work is required, increase remaining work. That should increase the

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.

Project MVP

Visit for the FAQs and additional
information about Microsoft Project

Steve House

As Julie said ... remember W=D*U, always. That's the Prime Directive that
Project will never violate. When you edit Duration, Project will change the
value of one of EITHER Work or Units. You control which one by way of the
Task Type setting. By setting the task to Fixed Work, you instructed
Project to always hold the work constant and change the Resource Units in
response to a change in Duration. Changing the task to Fixed Units will
cause the system to behave the way you seek.


Steve's answer narrows the solution very precisely. His insight t
understand the origin of the problem along with well prescribed solutio
is crucial.

Julie is also very accurate and descriptive. Yet Steve is much clear o
to where the confusion come to me and why the proposed solution shoul
fix the problem.

Thanks to both of them for the superb answers.





The proposed solution worked as expected. Changing the task from
FixedWork to FixedUnits resolved the issue.
Thanks a lot!

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