AD sync with Project Server



Hi there,

I have some problems with synchronising Project server with Active directory
on my Small Business Server. I know that my question is not simple because it
evolves many areas of both Project server and Small Business Server, but i
would like you to give me a hint as in what i could be doing wrong since i
follow the instructions on the administrators guide for Project Server.

So far: I'm able to log on using Project Server Authentication mode in all
the accounts i'm using so far. I have exactly the same accounts in my Active
Directory and i also created same security groups on AD such as team
Members,team leaders and so on, and made members of these groups users from
the AD(as i would in Project Server).

While i tried firstly to sync Project Groups with AD groups, some of them
succeded and some failed. Also I made another group called 'Project' and made
it parent group for all other groups that i want to use in Project Server(
The point is to sync that group with Project Server) but of course that
nevver worked. I also waited a long time to see if i stopped by mistake the
sync(as the guide says) and then clicked 'Save Changes' , but again the sync

Could you please give me some advice?

I have Project Server 2003
SQL Server 2000
Small Business Server 2000
Analysis Services
Sharepoint Services

All above are installed on the same pc. This SBS is not a primary domain
controller and we do not make any use of its DNS services. we just use it as
a member domain controler for SQL server use and Project Server use.


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