Adjusting the layout of over 1000 existing Word documents using a macro-driven batch run


Nov 11, 2021
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Dear Community,

I am currently facing the task of implementing a new corporate design in Word. The least problem I currently have is to apply the new design to new documents, for this I already have a solution.

But what I have failed at so far is to implement all design options (i.e. style sheets, color palette, table layouts, etc.) in already existing documents that we use as "form letters".
The form letters are basically each scripts into which blocks of text are inserted depending on the situation. We have about 1000 different form letters.

I am looking for a way to adapt this multitude of documents to the new design as automated as possible.

Maybe someone has already made experiences with this and can (hopefully) provide me with his macro code for this?

I look forward in advance to any help I get.
Kind regards


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