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I have PS 2007 and I create some Team Resources so I can assign a task to a
group of people.
Is it possible that each resource that is represented by the Team Resource
receives an alert (via mail) when the project is published, so he/she can
self-assign the task?






Brian Lukanic


Could you expand on what is done/required to create a server-side event? I
would like to do a number of different email notifications that do not come
standard in Project Server 2007. For instance, our business process is this:
*A Project gets a green light
* Portfolio Manager uploads a blank Project schedule with the appropriate
project-level custom fields populated.
* Portfolio Manager saves, publishes, checks in.
* Portfolio manager uses the web GUI to change the project owner to be the
specific PM assigned.
* Portfolio manager manually sends an email to the PM stating that the
schedule is on Project Center and ready for them to build it out.

I would like to have an email fire out when a PM is "assigned." Although I
could create a task in the project schedule called "PM Assignment" and then
populate it, I'd prefer to keep this notificaation mechanism out of the
schechule. A server-side event sounds best. So would I do this on the
applciation server or the SQL box? Can you point me to a Technet article that
could get me started?

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