annoying installation window


Joseph O'Brien

I just got rid of a bunch of viruses on one of our computers and
essentially ended up reinstalling Windows XP Pro. Now, whenever I do
a find in Windows, an installation dialog box pops up asking for
visio.msi. When I click on "Cancel," it pops up again. Eventually,
after three or four tries, it doesn't come back for a while. I no
longer have visio on this machine (it's been a while) and I don't
think I have the CD. This window pops up on other seemingly random

To get rid of the problem, I deleted any registry entry for visio.msi
(after backing up, of course). This has pretty much fixed things,
although I can see the installation window flicker on and off
occasionally. If anyone here can tell me how to get rid of this, I
would really appreciate it.




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