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Dec 10, 2011
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I want to write a program in word that when I save a document ,save a copy to another location.
I open word document and press alt+f11 and then in normal project I insert class module called "ThisApplication.
According to the instructions of have defined a class madule in normal project and insert some codes:

Option Explicit

Public WithEvents oApp As Word.Application

Private Sub oApp_DocumentBeforeSave(ByVal Doc As Document, SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
End Sub

Sub SaveToTwoLocations()
Dim strFileA, strFileB

strFileA = ActiveDocument.Name

'Define backup path shown in blue below
strFileB = "C:\backup\" & strFileA

ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:=strFileB

End Sub

and then insert a new module and insert the bellow codes:

Option Explicit

Dim oAppClass As New ThisApplication

Public Sub AutoExec()
Set oAppClass.oApp = Word.Application
End Sub

but when i run the macro , appears Compile error:expected user defined type not project
error in line of
Dim oAppClass As New ThisApplication

would you please tell me where is the problem and how can I solve the problem? Thanks


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