AppLoadString Error - Command Button Wizard



I am in the process of securing and then splitting my database. I have gone
through the steps to create a new workgroup, super user, etc. I then created
a blank database and imported everything from the original database.

The command buttons wizard is now not working properly. I get this error:
Undefined function 'AppLoadString' in expression

I haven't done anything but click on the button to start the wizard.

Also, the buttons (created previously with the wizard) are no longer working.

When I click on an existing button, I get the following:
The expresion On Click you entered as the eent property setting produced the
following error: Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost.
* The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a
user-defined function, or [Event Procedure].
* There may have been an error evaluating the function, event, or macro.

Everything is on my local C drive, so there is no network issue.

Thank you.


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