Applying style to first portion of a paragraph only


Kurt Heisler

How I can I style the first couple of words of a paragraph (kind of
like a heading for the paragraph), without styling the rest of the
paragraph which starts on the same line? And the first couple of words
- the part that's styled - needs to be indented.

For example:

My Heading. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing
elit. Proin commodo est at urna adipiscing lacinia. Curabitur est
lorem, bibendum et condimentum non, sagittis sit amet diam. Donec in
odio lorem. Maecenas vitae urna vel tellus placerat varius.
Suspendisse non massa libero. Cras fermentum consequat nisi, faucibus
porta dolor gravida et.

(Where "My Heading" has the style applied to it so it's indented,
bolded, and italicized. The rest of the paragraph is regular, non-
formated text.)

A paragraph style applies the formatting to everything, so that's out.

I tried to create a character style, but these don't allow you to
include indenting or tabs as part of the style settings.

Any suggestions?

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