Are you documenting all your business processes repeatable actions??


Relevante Inc

Join us for a Free Webinar on: Relevante Solution - The Business
Process Recorder (BPR)

Date: July 13th 2011 (12:30 PM - 1:00 PM)

Business Processes are the repeatable actions that employees execute
daily: contacting customers, ordering supplies, creating invoices.
Processes are the building blocks of a company, but surprisingly most
companies don't write them down. In fact only 7% of companies document
their business processes. Why? Well, documenting process processes
takes a lot of time.

A new Relevante Solution, The Business Process Recorder (BPR), solves
this problem. BPR documents all your business processes while your
team works. Just press record!

Benefits of BPR:
• Create standardized operating procedures automatically
• Shorten the time needed to create procedures dramatically
• Make it simple for the actual process owner to document
• Eliminate the risk of knowledge loss
• Update procedures instantly as processes change
• Accelerate creation of training manuals
• Export to many common formats (Word, PowerPoint, PDF)
• Ensure implementation of best practices.

For More Information:
Webinar Link:
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Contact Info:
Name: Dawn Curry
E Mail: (e-mail address removed)
Phone: (215-259-5102)


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