Assign tasks to team instead of invidual resources?



We are running Project Server 2003 and Project Professional 2003. If
someone could point me in the right direction towards finding a
solution for the following I would be much obliged. I tried searching
on my own and did not get very far.

We have resources assigned to each task in our plan. However it so
happens that it is not always the resources assigned to the task who
actually perform the task. As a result, come time for time-entry, they
cannot enter time in PWA since they have not been assigned to the

Unfortunately, we in the PMO almost never receive advance notification
of such substitutions. It is always on time-entry day that the
resource comes up to us and says that he cannot enter time.

If I could create teams and assign people to teams, and if I could
assign tasks at team level so that it would show up in PWA for all
that team's resources, then anyone from that team could enter actuals
and we would be able to save some time.

Is this possible at all or am I asking for too much? If this is not
directly possible, would someone with more experience that I be able
to suggest a work-around to achieve similar functionality?

Thanks and cheers



Dale Howard [MVP]

dossmk --

In the future, please post your Project Server questions in the
microsoft.public.project.server newsgroup, as this newsgroup is closing
down. To answer your question, you cannot assign a team of resources in
Project Server 2003. However, if you upgrade to Project Server 2007, you
can use the new Team resource functionality that is built into the tool and
works exactly the way you want. Hope this helps.

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