Attachment Icons for .url Attachments



This is a tough one.

Generally, I'm able to resolve these thorny little issues but this one has
me stumped. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

I am using Outlook 2002.

Until recently, the icons which are displayed on the .url attachments which
I sent to people in my network would display the favicon for the website for
the URL.

After a recent reboot where a memory dump took place, I was able
successfully reboot without any apparent problems except that the .url
attachments all display the default IE icon instead of the favicon for the
website. This problem exists with all my Outlook folders (e.g. Sent Items,
Deleted Items, etc.

Interestingly enough, they still display correctly in a New Composition
email window. However, after the email is sent, the icon for the .url
attachment displayed in the Sent Item Folder defaults to the IE icon.

Anyone out there know how I might be able to resolve this, so I can stop
investing hours & hours in this little annoyance and start putting that time
back into business developement. :)

Thanks in advance.

Alex Craig

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