attendee changed from optional to required



I have an Access database that keeps track of my team's cross-trainin
sessions. I added some coding to create an Outlook meeting invite (I'
using Access and Outlook 2010). I decided to include the supervisin
manager as an optional attendee (so the manager is aware of the trainin
session but isn't under an obligation to attend). This is the sectio
of code in question:

Dim oOLApp As Object
Dim oOLInvite As Object

Set oOLApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set oOLInvite = oOLApp.CreateItem(1)

oOLInvite.Subject = Me.txtSubject & " (cross-training session)"
oOLInvite.MeetingStatus = 1
oOLInvite.Start = Me.txtSessionStart
oOLInvite.End = Me.txtSessionEnd
oOLInvite.RequiredAttendees = strToFull
oOLInvite.OptionalAttendees = strManager
oOLInvite.Body = Me.txtCurriculum
oOLInvite.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = 15
oOLInvite.ReminderSet = True

Set oOLInvite = Nothing
Set oOLApp = Nothing

The problem comes when Outlook resolves the addresses. If I click o
the 'To' button as soon as the invite displays, and the addresses ar
resolved while the dialog box is open, everything seems fine. However
if I don't click the button, and the addresses are resolved while th
main invite window is open, the manager is suddenly converted from a
optional attendee to a required attendee.

What's causing this? Is there a way to prevent it from happening?



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